Below are some of the courses I’ve taught. Links are provided to select syllabi. Feel free to email me for additional syllabi at rebecca.s.chan [at] sjsu [dot] edu.

at San José State University

Philosophy of Law (Fall 2018, 2017) [Syllabus]

Philosophy of the Person (Fall 2018) [Syllabus]

Critical Reasoning

Graduate Seminar in Metaphysics and Epistemology (Fall 2017)

at the University of Notre Dame

Groups: What they are and what they can do (Fall 2016; co-taught with Peter Finocchiaro) [Syllabus]

Rationality and Action (Spring 2016)

at the University of Colorado, Boulder

Philosophy of Law (Summer 2014, Fall 2013)

Major Social Theories (Spring 2014)

Intro to Western Philosophy: Modern (Spring 2014)